The Port switched to carbon-free electricity

New solar panels at Vuosaari Harbour.

Together with its owner, City of Helsinki, the Port of Helsinki is committed to implementing the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan. Energy efficiency and the use of carbon neutral energy are central to this effort.

Progress towards the goal is made in accordance with the guidelines of the Carbon Neutral Port of Helsinki 2035 manifesto.

Reaching this challenging goal requires cooperation between all operators at the Port.

Low-carbon port areas

Low-carbon operations in the port areas are promoted by encouraging companies serving and operating in the port areas to reduce their CO2 emissions. Progress is measured by monitoring the development of CO2 emissions in the port area.
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Low-carbon maritime traffic at the Port

The Port of Helsinki promotes low-carbon maritime traffic at its harbours by encouraging visiting vessels to reduce their CO2 emissions. Progress is measured by the emission reductions achieved per net tonne of vessels.
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The carbon footprint of the Port’s own operations

The Port of Helsinki aims for carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2035. This will be pursued by improving energy efficiency and gradually switching to carbon neutral energy. Progress is measured by the proportion carbon-free energy accounts for of total energy use.
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Environmentally sustainable partnership

The Port of Helsinki wants to do its part to advance the entire port industry and encourage its partners to reduce their own environmental impact with the means at its disposal.
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