The importance of the Port for Finland’s security of supply was emphasised

The Port of Helsinki has a significant impact on both the regional economy and employment in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The total economic impact of the Port is EUR 4.1 billion per year, and the employment impact in maritime and port-related jobs is 25,100 person-years. *

In addition to the regional effects, the effects of the cargo and passenger transport through the ports of Helsinki spread through most of Finland. The Port of Helsinki is the largest port in Finland in terms of both general cargo and passenger traffic: Helsinki accounts for about 80 per cent of passenger traffic between mainland Finland and other countries, and the Port of Helsinki accounts for about half of the total tonnage of Finnish ports in general cargo traffic. *

* The figures are based on a 2019 survey.

In 2020, the importance of the Port for Finland’s security of supply was emphasised. In the spring, the availability of food and other consumer goods also became the subject of public debate, as did the cross-border movement of goods, which is a prerequisite for their availability.

The Port of Helsinki continued discussions on the location of the harbours with both political decision-makers and other interest groups, such as residents’ associations. Close dialogue on vehicle traffic arrangements related to port operations was also continued with residents’ associations. The port is constantly working to make port operations more efficient and consequently streamline traffic in the surrounding areas.

Carbon neutrality work will continue as one of the Port’s priorities

The Port also continued its work towards becoming carbon-neutral. This work is described in Chapter 5  as well as  development in sustainable development projects.