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The Port of Helsinki exists for the purpose of serving the business world and well-being of the Helsinki region and the whole country. The Port strives to carry out its service mission in a safe and reliable manner, engaging with interest groups.

The Port of Helsinki Ltd is taking care of the comfort and well-being of its employees and the local residents and operators in its areas of operation. Statutory employer, organisational and environmental obligations are a self-evident starting point for operations, but the targets are set higher to achieve significantly better results. The success of the operations is monitored through various methods: reputation and media measurements as well as numerical values of environmental criteria.

A safe port

The Port of Helsinki wants to be a safe working environment for its own employees and also the employees of all the operators working in the port area. The goal is set at zero occupational accidents.
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A good neighbour

Earning the trust of the residents of Helsinki is one of the Port’s key goals. Being a good and trusted neighbour is pursued through active cooperation with nearby communities and city district associations, as well as by communicating openly on the Port’s operations. Interest groups’ trust is measured and monitored through regular reputation surveys. The development of the survey’s interaction grade deepens understanding of the effectiveness of community work.
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An influential port

The Port of Helsinki has significant positive economy and employment-related effects. Regular impact studies are conducted to assess the spending of international and domestic passengers passing through the Port of Helsinki, investments of companies connected to the Port and municipal and corporate tax income, among other things.
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