Security of supply relied on maritime transport

DHL truck driving out of Sea Wind at Vuosaari Harbour.

The Port of Helsinki served sea and land transport throughout the year despite the pandemic. The port contributed to securing the functionality of maritime transport and maintaining the security of supply in our country. At the same time, important development projects advanced.

The majority of Finland’s consumer goods and certain raw materials and supplies for industrial purposes are transported through the Port of Helsinki. Effective shipping is a prerequisite for Finnish society and business life, especially during a disturbance such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fairway deepening will increase competitiveness

Satama-altaan ruoppausta Vuosaaren satamassa.

The Port of Helsinki’s and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s joint Vuosaari fairway deepening project proceeded within schedule and budget. The existing Vuosaari fairway and part of the harbour area are being deepened from 11 metres to 13 metres. The increase in the cargo capacity of cargo vessels will bring significant savings in transport costs, reduce the environmental impact of shipping and increase the Port’s competitiveness.

The deepening work has been carried out in the midst of busy ship traffic, which is why special attention has been paid to coordinating the work with the traffic. At the beginning of the winter break in January 2021, 75% of the dredging and 52% of the excavations in the project had been completed. In the harbour basin, the majority of the soil, almost 4/5, was dredged in the 2020 open water season.

The environmental impact of the work is monitored regularly. The impact on the fish stock was compensated for with the stocking of 40,000 young whitefish in the area in October. The same number of whitefish will be stocked annually until 2023.

The work will continue during the 2021 open water season and the deeper fairway will be in use in late 2021.
The project has received support from the EU.

A new check-in area for the Vuosaari-Muuga connection

A new check-in area was opened for passengers on the Muuga route in early July. The new passenger driving route through the closed harbour area is shorter and safer than before. The route is only available for outbound traffic, but during the spring of 2021, facilities will also be built for inbound traffic.
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Transferring the inspection of products of animal origin to Vuosaari Harbour

The Port of Helsinki had premises built for the Finnish Food Authority’s border control post in the gate area of Vuosaari Harbour. The premises were completed in late 2020 and were put to use by the Finnish Food Authority in March 2021.
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More solar energy

In line with its carbon neutrality programme, the Port increased its number of solar power plants to reduce its need to purchase electricity. A total of 307 new solar panels were installed on the roof of the V6 and V7 buildings in Vuosaari. A total of 200 panels were installed on the roof of West Terminal 2.

The annual yield of the new power plants is a total of approximately 145 MWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of almost 100 residential building apartments or 10 single-family detached homes.

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Online service keeping you updated on Vuosaari Harbour

Vuosaari Today -dashboardin puhelinnäkymä.In February, the new Vuosaari Today online service was launched to facilitate the work of heavy traffic drivers using Vuosaari Harbour. With just one glance, drivers can find out the real-time situational status of the main harbour of Finnish foreign trade.

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Visit Vuosaari Harbour Today -service.

New arrangements and intelligent solutions for West Harbour traffic

The new gate area for heavy traffic in West Harbour was successfully opened at the start of the year. The heavy traffic approach route to West Harbour was moved to Tyynenmerenkatu, and the last truck waiting areas were decommissioned.

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Smart vehicle check-in solutions aim for more flexible and efficient departures and better vehicle-specific guidance. A new Smart Port gate system was designed and built in West Harbour during 2020. The project will progress to testing and piloting in early 2021.